Please contact us at Taupo Women’s Refuge if you would like to become a volunteer.

Volunteer Testimonials

“I have volunteered with Taupo Women’s Refuge for three years and the feeling of being a support to women and children in times of crisis can’t be matched. I have gained so much respect for the women who have contacted the Taupo Women’s Refuge over the years, their resilience and power to change is an inspiration to me. I hope to continue volunteering for Taupo Women’s Refuge for many more years”

Volunteer Training

Taupo Women’s Refuge Coordinator arranges regular free training for all Volunteers. Volunteers receive initial free training before starting their role and then free refresher training is made available throughout the year.

Please contact Taupo Women's Refuge for more information

24 Hour Crisis Line

07 377 1055

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